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91 Years Serving Aviation

Texarkana Regional Airport

Save Time and Money!

Fly “TXK” and save on parking, fuel costs and time. Visit the airlines site for the best prices and see for yourself.  Type in “TXK” for your starting location. 

Supporting GA

General aviation is more important than you might think. Did you know, GA airports provide transportation to patients in need of critical healthcare? Or, that GA provides area access to local, state and federal law enforcement? GA also provides corporate services that many local businesses rely on to be competitive in today’s ever expanding marketplace. GA airports also provide the necessary flight training for entry into the airlines or military. Help keep GA alive by supporting your Texarkana Regional Airport.


Local Activities

Texarkana Regional Airport is located on the Arkansas side of town. Just minutes away from the downtown area, local industries, and tourist spots, with convenient access to Interstate 30, Loop 245, four U.S. Highways and rail service. The airport is open 24-hours daily and is served by American Eagle Airlines. Texarkana Arkansas and Texas are indeed twice as nice!